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Saturday , February 24 2018
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Travel Insurance – Simply Don’t Travel Without it!

Travel insurance is certainly one of the most important things you’ll need for your journey. Would you have a car without car insurance, a home without home insurance? Of course not. So it’s in your best interests if you’re taking a trip to have travel insurance.


Because good travel insurance is what will take care of any problem you have during your trip, it’s all-round emergency coverage is the single most important thing you will need abroad. (And at the very same time, never have to use!!). If there is one thing that a traveller should never leave home without, it’s insurance coverage. How many people right this very day, this very moment, are somewhere abroad, intensely wishing and regretting being cheap, and not getting it sorted! And for only a few dollars a day!

Protection against the Unknown

Considering that most health programs don’t cover you abroad and credit cards offer only very limited protection, Imagine how that fellow down the road felt who didn’t have any insurance when his laptop was stolen and had to shell out of his own pocket for a new one.

Getting it Just Right

Because travel insurance can be somewhat complex, let’s take a little look, so as to understand what it is about, and how to avoid getting the wrong kind of insurance plan:

  • What to look for in a great plan, read the Travel Insurance Expert guide to buying insurance online
  • There are many options out there, and often, in the fine print, you’ll find that cover isn’t as good as you may have believed
  • When looking for a plan, first make sure they have a high coverage limit on medical expenses
  • A good company will provide good coverage care, even though more expensive policies will cover you for higher amounts, but that shouldn’t really be necessary
  • Higher coverage limits are important because should you get sick, injured, or need serious attention and need professional care, you need to make sure that high hospital bills will be taken care of
  • The worst thing to do is to go cheap and get the cheapest policy. Why? Should you happen to break a leg, and your limit is reached before they have done taking care of you, it will then have to come out of your own pocket
  • If you really care about yourself, don’t be cheap!

A Respectable Policy Will Always Include:

  • Cover for most countries in the world
  • Some coverage for your electronics (and the option for a higher coverage limit)
  • Cover for injury and sudden illnesses
  • Twenty-four hour emergency service helpline
  • Cover for lost, damaged or stolen possessions such as jewellery, baggage, documents, cameras, etc.
  • Cover for cancellations such as hotel bookings, flight, and other transportation bookings
  • Cover for a sudden illness or bereavement in the family
  • Cover for emergencies in the country visited, which may cause you to go home early
  • Have financial protection if any company you are using goes bankrupt, leaving you stuck overseas

Keep on Trekking

Just make sure to do it with no worries!

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