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Saturday , February 24 2018
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Top Places to Visit in Sardinia

In the heart of the Mediterranean is the well-known Paradise called Sardinia, Italy. While the main tourist attractions are the white sandy beaches and sunny coasts, there is an endless list of facets and places that you can discover in Sardinia. Here is a list of some excellent places in Sardinia, which you definitely shouldn’t miss on your trip:

  • Nuraghe of Barumini

This is the most well-preserved and important amongst the total 7000 Nuraghe that are spread all over Sardinia. The Nuraghe is also called ‘Su Nuraxi’ and was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is a place that’s definitely worth visiting.

  • Maddalena Archipelago

Another place that was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994, Maddalena Archipelago consists of 7 major islands, which have clean and clear waters. There are half-day and full day excursions organized in which you can visit some small coves and beaches that are only reachable by boat, but are absolutely breathtaking because their nature is still preserved. Sea lovers can stay in hotels near the sea or opt for a villa if they are looking for more privacy. There are also resorts such as the Lanthia Resort in the small island of Santa Maria where the service is attentive and familiar, making your trip unforgettable.

  • Chia Beach

The transparency of its waters have given Chia its popularity as they bathe its coast for about 6km. Visible from all Chia beaches is the homonym tower (Parco Torre Chia). There is also the archaeological site of Nora having punic origins and referred to as the most ancient village of Sardinia. This area extends to the second most southern point of Sardinia i.e. the Capo Spartivento, which is the location of the amazing Faro di Capo Spartivento; a still working lighthouse that’s been turned into a luxury guesthouse.

  • Su Gorroppu Gorge

Not only is Su Gorroppu Gorge the deepest canyon in the island of Oligastra, Sardinia, it is also one of the deepest in Europe. It is the place you should visit for enjoying a completely unique experience as it allows you to enjoy the wildest nature of Oligastra and walk the lands of centenaries. It is said that this island is a magic piece of land and those who walk on it will have a very long life.

  • Alghero e Bosa

Two Sardinian places that are worth visiting are Alghero and Bosa in the north-western coast. Traces of its Catalan past can be seen in Alghero in the way of its gorgeous beaches and evocative historical center. A bit smaller, Bosa has the romantic charm associated with the river cities and its heritage of traditions are still alive. Both places are unique and charming and definitely worth visiting in Ogliastra Sardinia.

  • Neptune Caves

Found in Alghero, these are the most popular caves of Sardinia, which have been dedicated to the sea god Neptune. They offer stunning views of the coast and sea and are accessible by a 600 steps staircase and ferry boat too.

Visit these places when you go to Sardinia and you will have a memorable trip.

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