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Monday , February 19 2018
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Top 5 Things To Do In Taupo

For anyone traveling in New Zealand’s North Island, one of the top stops you should definitely plan for is Taupo. This region offers a varied mix of sights and activities that have been attracting travellers for many decades. Once you get a look at the unbelievable scenery you will instantly understand why. Taupo is a terrific mix of all the best elements of New Zealand travel, offering up miles of lush forests, some of the best rapids to be found anywhere in the world, and otherworldly geothermal terrains that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. No matter if you are looking for a heart pumping adventure in this wild land or simply to kick back and observe the stunning scenery, Taupo has a little something for any traveller no matter their individual taste. For anyone interested in campervan hire new zealand you should definitely keep Taupo near the top of your list on the Northern Island. While in the area, make sure to check out these areas to truly experience the essence of this wild and wondrous region.

Lake Taupo

The region is named after this massive lake which offers far more than just a majestic water view. Some of the best boating territory in the world can be found here, with amazing sights to be had and miles of waterways to explore. Lake Taupo is known to host some of the most stunning sunsets you will ever see, so make sure not to miss these. Even if you aren’t an experienced sailor, you can engage in a guided boat tour that will allow you to experience the joys of the water on this legendary lake.

Craters Of The Moon

This area is aptly named since many visitors have commented that it makes them feel as if they are crossing across the surface of a different planet. One of the top geothermal sites in the world, Craters Of The Moon was formed by volcanic eruptions and features one of the most unique terrains to hike through. Steaming craters galore mark the trail along with bubbling mud pools, reminding you that you are walking through the path of a live volcano. 360 views of the region can be had from the higher points, giving you a great idea of the immense scope and beauty of this truly unique territory.

Rapids Road

If white water rafting is your passion, then you are absolutely in luck in Taupo. Rapids enthusiasts have been traveling to Taupo for decades to experience the rapids here, and none are as legendary as those to be found on Rapids Road. Experienced rafters can rent their own craft and head out on the waters themselves, while beginners can go on a guided rapids tour that will allow them to experience the thrills of the white water. There are many different routes and a number of rapids to be found here, making for a less crowded scene than at some of the other popular white water spots in the world. Whether you are planning on spending the entire day and hitting them all or just checking out some choice spots, the fact remains that Rapid Roads is one of the world’s best sources for thrilling white water adventure. Make sure to pack a raft in your campervan rental New Zealand so you can take full advantage.


The geothermal landscapes on offer in the Taupo region offer a hiking experience that cannot be matched by any other landscape. Here you will find one of the most impressively strange of the geothermal landscapes with active geysers shooting into the sky and colored rock formations that are so complex they at first appear like man made artwork. The views here are also spectacular, and a hike along these trails will offer a number of outlooks where you can stop and observe the landscape. There is truly no other hike like this one anywhere in the world, and you may not even feel as if you are on this planet once you get out into the middle of the geothermal landscape.

Huka Falls

One of the most popular destinations in all of Australia is Huka Falls, the point where much of the region’s water outlets meet and goes cascading into Lake Taupo. The light from the lake makes it appear as if the water is made of multiple colors, creating one of the most pictured scenes in Australian history. This is truly a stunning landmark, so make sure to check it out when in the Lake Taupo region.

With its stunning natural sights, unique geothermal landscapes, thrilling rapids, and amazing hiking opportunities, the lake Taupo region has a lot to offer. Anyone on a campervan rental New Zealand adventure will be highly recommended to check it out for themselves.

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