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Saturday , February 24 2018
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Top 5 Questions Most People Have Regarding Travel Insurance In The Philippines

Two months a friend of mine was traveling to the Philippines for a family vacation. Sadly, his wife fell sick on the trip, and they had some issues getting her admitted to a good hospital.

Not that her sickness was fatal or that the Philippines doesn’t provide adequate medical care, but my naïve friends didn’t anticipate the effect of their ‘foreigner’ status in an unknown land. All this is because he didn’t have travel insurance in the Philippines. Apparently, hospitals in a foreign land will hesitate in providing expensive treatments to tourists as they can’t rely on them for payment.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is your go-to for emergencies when your flight has been canceled, and you’ve got to arrange for thecommute or when your luggage mysteriously goes missing and such other cases. We advise you to check all scheme related documents and read its fine print.

Why should You Get Travel Insurance?

A lesson I learned from this scenario was to buy good travel insurance. I did some great amount of research before selecting a good company that provides according to my travel needs. In the most usual circumstances, travel insurance will provide you compensation for delayed flights, missing baggage, sudden injuries, sickness, hospital benefits, hijacks, sudden death, etc.

How much does it Cost to Get Travel Insurance?

Every company offers different plans according to your budget and needs. But it is best advised to carefully read all that the company will offer and any conditions that might be attached. You don’t want to be stranded in a foreign land by your negligence and then blame your travel insurance company.

Many insurance reviews that I read were negative which threw me off a bit. But after some field research, I realized that the ones who have had a positive experience with travel insurance don’t take out the time to write a good review about it.

Is Travel Insurance Compulsory?

One thing you need to know about travel insurance is that you need one when you are applying for a visa to tour the European Union or any part of it. That is referred to as the Schengen Travel insurance. Schengen is the 26 European countries. The other countries fall in the “Non-Schengen” category. Travel insurance is not compulsory while applying for a visa in these countries. However, we advise you to get one before you set off on a voyage to travel like a pro during the off-peak season.

What DoesIt Cover?

Some travel insurances cover domestic affairs too, for as far as 200 meters from your permanent residence. To bust a few myths- No, travel insurance is not like health insurance, but it does cover your medical expenses when you’re traveling. It will cover your accidental late departures, delays or missed transportation too in some cases.

Worst case scenario, it covers transportation of dead body along with funeral expenses too. However, some travel insurance packages are very basic and meant for atrial basis.

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