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Saturday , February 24 2018
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Planning and Preparing To Reach the Iconic Kilimanjaro Mountain Top Successfully

Planning and preparation is essential for successfully reaching Mount Kilimanjaro summit. During this pre-climb procedure, you will determine what kind of experience you will achieve from trekking start to finish.

Planning process

  • Decide the date – Good weather is during the months of January, February, August and September.
  • Decide the route & duration – Five is minimum duration, six is better, but seven days are recommended for getting acclimatized.
  • Trekking agency – Hire a registered guide, who makes your climbing experience more comfortable and memorable.

Pre-climb Preparation

Pre-climb Preparation

Voyage kilimandjaro Uniktour agency will book your flight. You will also need a valid passport and visa to enter Tanzania. Remember to get the required vaccinations and yellow fever certificate.

Several trekking agency will also include the cost of camping equipment, so you need not purchase anything. Carry your thermal clothes, jacket, gloves, socks, warm hat, good sunglasses, rain protection bag, sunscreen lotion, lip balm, water bottles, torch, walking pole, toiletries and high quality trekking boots.

Kilimanjaro trekking does not need any kind of skills to climb, but it is a long walk. It will help, if you are physically trained. Read about how to overcome altitude sickness. Reaching the summit depends on your willingness to reach the peak. Youngsters feel that they can reach the summit faster than the elderly people. Here they are wrong and if they do not follow the instructions of the guide they are sure to fail.

Climb Kilimanjaro

Hit the mountain

Independence is admirable in life, but while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro it is sensible to hook up with your expedition group. Mount Kilimanjaro lies in the centre of the National Park and is administered by the Government.

Initially, it is challenging to get settled in the group. After two days, your body will get used to high altitudes. You will experience climatic changes –

  • Base has an unexpectedly wet environment
  • As you climb higher, the mercury begins to oscillate
  • Mornings are hot and nights are intolerably frigid

After descending

Remember to go slowly, which may seem ridiculous at first, but soon you will notice the changes. Never feel tempted to walk faster to catch the group or overtake them.

Even extreme fitness can fool you. You will not feel the stress, but your body will use plenty of oxygen simultaneously. Some of the other things to keep in mind are –

  • Keep warm
  • Eat plenty
  • Drink more water
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol
  • Ignore sleeping tablets or you will not wake up

When you are close to the summit, the trekking begins late in the evening and concludes as sun rises.

Trekkers have to walk the final hike in complete black conditions, so carry a headlamp. The agency even provides porter to carry your luggage, set up tents and prepare meals on the way.

After descending

Many trekkers feel exhausted and take a couple of days to recover. Instead of returning home, you can visit Serengity National Park, which is in close proximity. You can enjoy the African Safari tour through the famous game reserve sitting in a rough Land Rover.

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