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Saturday , February 24 2018
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Holiday Checklist: Things to Do for a Relaxing Holiday

Did you know that only 53% of working people come back from their holiday feeling rested and refreshed while 30% say they have trouble dealing with work stress while they are away?  Most of us actually lose an accumulated two days of our holiday due to the time we spend checking work emails while on vacation.

If you find yourself still stressed and tired after a holiday, then this checklist is for you.  Here are some activities that you can do during your holiday that can help you relax and unwind.

Have a glass of wine or two

Visit the local wineries in the area and sample the range they have to offer, from full bodied red wines to the light white wines.  Pair it with some grapes, cheese and cold cuts for a complete gourmet experience.

Go fishing

Fishing calms your mind.  Being out in nature, where you can enjoy the peace and beauty of the scenery, lets your brain focus on one thing – catching fish.  Plus, the sunlight can do wonders on your health too!

Shop at local stores

You’ll never know what gems you might find!  Plus, local shops may offer products at lower prices so you can end up getting plenty of souvenirs or basic necessities at a bargain.

Re-visit history and art

A good way to get your mind off work is to learn something new that’s not connected to your job.  This can give your brain something else to think about.  Go back in history and visit a museum.  You will find many fascinating artefacts, photographs and memorabilia that can help you discover something about the past that you didn’t know before.

Make sure to visit the local art gallery as well.  Seeing different artworks can also be a fresh experience for you.  For many people, art can help them meditate and help clear their minds.  Looking at artworks can also boost your own creativity.

Get going with fun physical activities

Nothing can lift the mood and take away stress the way exercise does.  Plan an activity that takes you close to nature such as walking park trails or cycling through scenic paths.  You will find that the exercise plus your proximity to nature can do wonders to your mind and body.

Take the time to admire the scenery

Being in the midst of nature can help you be present in the moment.  Allot some time to appreciate your surroundings.  If a lookout tower is available, use it to get amazing views of the area.  Or go canoeing in a park lake, taking in the scenery as you go.  Looking at nature in a way that you haven’t done before may help give you a fresh perspective.

If all else fails, sleep in

If your body is in dire need of sleep, then give it some sleep.  Make sure your accommodation offers plenty of the peace and quiet you need for undisturbed rest.  It might be tempting to sleep in the entire duration of your holiday, but keep in mind that a relaxing vacation is one wherein there is enough time for good food, activity and rest.

Staying at the Riverside Cabin Park gives you a good balance of food, activity and rest.  We are conveniently located within a close distance to a great range of attractions and activities including local wineries, factory sales, museums and art galleries.  There are also a host of outdoor activities you can do within the proximity of the park such as fishing, walking, cycling, golf and canoeing at the Victoria Lake Park.

Book with Riverside Cabin Park and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday!


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