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Saturday , February 24 2018
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Dos and Don’ts While Travelling by Train

Dos and Don’ts While Travelling by Train

Are you planning to have a tour in this winter season? Which means of transport are you choosing? If you choose trains, you can enjoy your tour from the beginning to the end. While travellingon a train, you get the thorough view of your journey; the stations are like mini countries where you find lots of people travelling for their specific reasons. You meet people on the train, and they leave their impact on you for life, knowing that you may not meet them again.

But, travelling by train requires certain precaution nowadays. You get to hear news about lots of incidents and accidents occurringon the train. The cases of forgeries are innumerable. So, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to follow while travelling by train. Here are some that will help you to know more while travelling by train.


  1. Know Detail Information

You should know about train running information of the train you are travelling ion. Once you have ideas about the stopping stations, the duration, if it is late then when it will reach the destination, and all,it will help you in travelling.

  1. Always Book Early

In India, rail reservation opens 120 days in advance and gets filled up faster. If you want to make your journey special in the sleeper class with AC coaches, you need to book early. Otherwise, you may need to wait on the waiting list or travel the entire journey, sitting in a crowded coach, only with a fan to get comforted. If you are travellingduring the peak season, you should be very careful about booking.
      3. Carry Some Food Items

This is very important. You can order lunch or dinner at the pantry car, but if you carry something with you, you can munch on them while feeling hungry. Dry foods can also remove your boredom you get bored in a two to three-day journey by train. Carry chocolates, dry fruits, snacks items, etc.

  1. Prefer Late Night Train

If you take it, you will be sleeping while moving. This is quite advantageous as you can cover miles while snoring. You also save for one night at the hotel, and you can reach your destination at early morning. Thus, you can get much time to explore the place for the entire day.

  1. Carry Some Medicines

Maybe you feel sick or the cold catches you. You definitely don’t want to ruin your tour. Until reaching the destination, you may not able to buy something for you. So, carry certain medicines while travelling by train.


  1. Try not to overpack, otherwise, you have to stand in the queue for a long time.
  2. Don’t expect too much unless you are travelling by the first class. The bathrooms are OK.
  3. Never forget to carry your earplugs and books. Those can make boring train journey interesting.
  4. Don’t get along too much with the strangers.

So, here are certain tips which are immensely important while travelling by train. Now, book your tickets and say goodbye to all.

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