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Monday , February 19 2018
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Arabian Dubai Desert Safari Tours

Being the largest and jam-packed city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has the best everything to showcase. Ranging from the architectural wonders of the modern world to the richly dense historic cultural traditions, or refreshing pools and ponds to hot sandy deserts, the futuristic approach of Dubai, while keeping its rich history in hand, makes this remarkable city a must visit and a highly desirable vacation spot for tourists from all over the world. Among the cool and breezy beaches, humungous shopping malls, and internationally renowned hotels, this dynamic city of Dubai showcase an incredible ride of a desert safari. Dubai desert safari is one of the most popular highlights of Dubai’s tourism. And keeping in mind the thunderous and fulfilling activity of desert safari, we have adorned an amazing collection of Dubai desert safari packages for you to choose from. You’ll have plenty of choices to dive in and pick up your preferred one. And that’s it. Leave the rest of the arrangements on us, and get ready to spend some memorable time with your loved ones.

Dubai Desert Safari Deals

At Phoenix desert safari tours, we have assorted an extremely well balanced and affordable range of desert safari packages. Each package covers all the fun activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, tanura performances, belly dancing, luscious rides, and much more. Too learn everything in detail read more about safari package online.

We always strive to give the best of the best to all our guests, we hope that you’ll definitely find the most desirable deal you are looking for. Happy Choosing!!

  • Self Drive Packages

For people who are more comfortable in reaching our organized camping sites on their own vehicle will pick up a self-drive package deal. You can enjoy all the perks and highlights of Dubai desert safari in this package in as low as AED 30 per person.

  • Standard packages

Ride on mini buses from specific destinations and avail all the excitement of desert safari in as low as AED 55. Wondering about specific deals, rush to our webpage.

  • Deluxe Package Deal

We have sorted deluxe package in two separate categories, wherein one deal you can ride on the super luxurious land cruiser or else can hop on lavish cars of Toyota or Chevrolet in other deal. The choice is yours. We guarantee amazing services from our end.

  • Silver Package and Golden Package

If you wish to be treated like a royalty then these packages are best suited for you. You’ll pick up and drop off from/ to your residence on Land cruiser and will enjoy some aristocratic feel.

  • Exclusive Deals

The extremely affordable deal for a family of 6 to 7 people, where all can enjoy safari thrill in just AED 670.

  • VIP Deals

The most elite of all, our VIP deals are for our most special guests. Surely if you endear the exclusiveness within you, take a look at all VIP packages on our website.

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